Enchantments Edit

Three enchantments are added by Reasonable Realism, Pulverizing and Vein Cracking from Harder Ores, and Stress Analyzer from Harder Underground.

Pulverizing Edit

The Pulverizing enchantment is best equated to the "auto-smelting" enchantment added by other mods, except that Pulverizing handles auto-grinding. Any mined block that drops an item that can be ground in the windmill may have its drops ground into tiny dusts.

Pulverizing does not convert all drops, taking effect on almost-depleted ores (level × 2 breaks remaining) and only grindings its level in total items (so a Fortune 3, Pulverizing 2 pick mining Iron Ore:3 that normally drops 4 ore chunks instead drops 4 tiny iron dust and 2 raw iron ore).[1]

Pulverizing has 1-3 levels and takes 10-30 experience levels.

Pulverizing can only be applied to picks and is incompatible with auto-smelting.[2]

  1. Wheat and Sugar Canes can also be Pulverized
  2. Any auto-smelt behavior that is compatible should be reported as a bug, as it cannot be programmatically detected with certainty.

Vein CrackingEdit

The Vein Cracking enchantment is a mining-aid enchantment.  When the pickaxe breaks a Hard Ore block, there is a chance-per-neighbor for the pickaxe to also break that adjacent (identical) ore block, with all of the drops spawning in the same location.  This allows a player to not have to focus on digging out the 2-meta sparce ore blocks as they follow the main vein, by mining an adjacent block the low meta one will get harvested along side.

The maximum number of additional blocks harvested is equal to 2*Level and may harvest the same neighbor more than once.[1]  Each additional harvested block costs 0.75[2] durability on the tool (subject to Unbreaking per each block).

Unfortunately the Vein Cracking enchantment is not compatible with Efficiency (as it is itself an efficiency-type enchantment) or Silk Touch.

Vein Cracking has 3 levels and takes 3 to 15 experience levels.

  1. A random direction is selected up to 12 times, harvesting at most 2*Lv neighbors.
  2. Each harvested neighbor increments a counter by 0.75, when it reaches 0.75 it is decremented by 1 and a point of damage is applied. Favors higher enchantment levels.

Stress Analyzer Edit

The Stress Analyzer enchantment is specific to Mohr's Goggles, which enables an increased amount of information displayed when examining blocks for support. See the item page for more information.

Stress Analyzer has 1 level and takes 5 to 15 experience levels.

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