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The foundry is an automated crafting machine with a restricted set of available recipes. The foundry requires an adjacent lit furnace or lava block in order to perform its crafting operation, which takes 1600 ticks to complete (the same amount of time coal takes to burn in the furnace).

Using the FoundryEdit

First, you will need to craft a mold and then imprint it with a template item.  You can craft a mold by combining a block of sand and a block of clay, then craft the resulting item with any undamaged tool (axe, pick, shovel, hoe, shears, sword), armor (helmet, chestplate, leggings, boots), or other allowable item (currently, only buckets and rails).

The Foundry gui is displayed at the left.
  • Slot 1 accepts sticks
  • Slot 2 accepts any metal ingot
  • Slot 3 accepts imprinted casting molds
  • Slot 4 is output

The foundry should be able to craft any item that matches the template, regardless of the metal ingot used, provided that the item exists (e.g. assuming only vanilla materials, if you use a wooden pickaxe to create the imprint, you can use the foundry to create iron or gold pickaxes, but an imprinted bucket cannot make golden buckets (as no such item exists), nor will imprinted rails create powered rails (the recipe doesn't match)).

Item quantity is respected, having the foundry create rails will result in 16 rails per 6 iron ingots.

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